Splash Philippines, Inc. has been in the human resource business for 29 years now and has been providing around 2,000 officers and ratings to some of the worldís most recognizable conventional vessels.

SPI has focused on the recruitment and supply of quality manpower for the operations and technical departments with deck/engine officers and ratings of our cargo vessels.

With 50 officers and staff who attend to the requirements of its clientele, the company offers its principals an assurance that the manpower being supplied is qualified, competent, and disciplined crewmembers and adhere to a strict code of practices of safety and comfort, not to mention the safety of cargo, environment of the ship itself and the invaluable human life.


A senior company executive officer is assigned to a particular principal to manage the manpower pool and its crew requirements. The principalís pool of qualified officers and crew is, a product of the joint efforts of our recruitment, screening, selection department. We have at least a pool of 1700 officers and ratings onboard various vessels and some 1000 more on standby pool.


The majority of the crewmembers is requested personnel by principals in the technical and operational positions. The company has fielded hundreds of officers and ratings in various vessels of our principals. An affirmation of SPIís principalís as to quality of the crew being supplied by the company is the high percentage of returning crew being enjoyed by the company.

The company has enjoyed a positive endorsement of quality crew supplied to its principals, owing to the rigid screening process undertaken before hiring new Candidates. All applicants undergo a preliminary interview for initial assessment of job experience, knowledge, skills and personality.

A background check is also performed with previous employers and past records. Subsequently, qualifying examinations such as IQ, verbal, personality and language proficiency tests are rendered to each candidate. The final processing stage is an interview to further assess technical knowledge and experience. When the applicant successfully passes the final interview, he will be included in the active pool of candidates.

All crewmembers who passed the screening and hiring process are in compliance and holders of STCW certificates 2015.





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